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it’s like herpes… except less oozy…

Saturday. 01. 31. 2009.

Facebook… FriendFace… MySpace… Spacebook… FaceSpace…

Are there anyone out there that doesn’t have at least one account to these “community” sites? (Well… Fredrik… but that’s also because he gets weirdos trying to get in touch with him and he’s not a touchy feely kinda guy.)

I will admit to having an account. But I use it to keep in touch with my current friends. New people need not apply.

The scary thing about Facebook is that your old classmate/workmate/stalker can find you and look at your profile. In the first week of starting my Facebook account, I had loads of people from the time before now send me a request.

What’s up with that?

What’s with the need to “rekindle” the non-existing/dead for so long no one can remember those days relationships?

I’m pretty sure people just want to find out if your life turned out more sucky than theirs.

I will… however… admit that there have been times when I’m tempted to make contact with my ex (not saying which one) to gloat about how great life is without him. But who hasn’t had that urge?

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