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goddamn temptations

Friday. 01. 23. 2009.

See this pretty little number?
It’s my new want.

That’s the problem with getting a job. I start looking at things I want and now I have the ability to get them on my own. I get things that don’t particularly good reasons to have.

Why this phone?

Because at this point in time the iPhone is crap and locked to a network that we don’t use. From what I’ve read, it’s the phone that can stand up to the iPhone. The only downside is the fancy touch screen but at this point in time, my only option for an unlocked iPhone would be to get it in France at €600. Even then there’s no guarentee because certain functions may not work outside of France. Not going to drop that much for a phone that doesn’t work like a dream.

The Nokia however, works with my mac, has nearly all the features of the iPhone, a better camera, is available unlocked and cheaper than the iPhone. It’s like HALF the price of an unlocked French iPhone.

Curse these temptations!

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