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first day of work

Saturday. 01. 17. 2009.

I got the job and today was my first day.

Starting at 9 was a bit tough. Especially after a late-ish night we had at my friend’s place. We had raclette! Delicious!

The guys that own the shop are lovely. There’s quite a bit to learn around the shop but I’m pretty confident that I’ll pick things up with time. I’ve had to memorize more at the post office.

I had some of their sausage roll and a cumberland sausage. Absolutely delicious. I’ve never had a sausage that had the texture of minced meat. I’ve always known sausage to just have the texture of meat mass. These sausages are made of REAL minced meat.

If you’re in the city and are interested in knowing where this magic shop is, here’s their website.

Fredrik asked if working at the shop will cause me to gain weight after I told him about trying all the different foods and how good the sausage roll was.

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