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take your lack of faith and stick it

Tuesday. 01. 13. 2009.

Atheist bus campaign goes nationwide

I don’t believe in God. I did go to a Catholic school when I was in kindergarten. I used to know how to pay. But I don’t believe in God and I am not part of any organized religion. I’ve never been baptized and no… I don’t practice Buddhism despite the fact that I’m Chinese.

I do find Atheists just as annoying as religious people. They go around wagging their fingers at people who have faith. They might as well start knocking on doors to inform people on the lack of God and Jesus like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their goddamn Watchtower Magazine.

The thing is… Atheists believe in the absense of a belief in god(s). Note how I used the term, believe. That’s because the lack of existance of god(s) is not a concrete fact. Just as the existance of god(s) is also not a concrete fact. I do admit that there are more evidence in lack of god(s) but there are still many things in life that cannot be explained. Sorry boys, even science can’t bail you out on this one.

The more atheists group to make chatter about not having a belief in god(s), the more you become a religion.

Now aren’t we all in just a pickle.

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