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chasing my tail

Tuesday. 01. 6. 2009.

I wonder if this is what Milo feels like when he’s chasing his own tail.

New year means new stuff to get done, new things to get organized and new plans to plan.

Top of the list is school. I need to figure out what the hell I can do about getting some sort of Swedish proficiency. As it turns out, the course I’ve been doing for the last few semesters is useless in terms of getting me admissions to another university/college. I can only study at the school I’m at now, unfortunately it doesn’t offer dentistry. My options currently point towards TISUS and the course at Stockholm University. I intend to do both. Here’s hoping it all works out.

Thank god I don’t need to prove my English proficiency.

Then there’s my plans to get a job this year. I just finished putting together my CV. Now I have to look into writing some cover letters and sending the two off. Then I get to figure out some more ways to get jobs. It’s all kinda scary. I just hope I get something. My free time is making me batty.

There are some other things I need to do, plan, and think about. The more I think and plan about all this, the more I feel like I’m tangling myself in an imaginary ball of twine. I’m just hoping that I will be able to reach my intended “goals” and not be like Milo, forever wishing I can catch my own tail.

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