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Sunday. 12. 28. 2008.

Fredrik and I had our Yule dinner on the 23rd because we drove up to his mom’s place for the 24th. We went with the classic julmat (Yule food).

I made the mistake of going to the grocery store on the 22nd. Thankfully Fredrik came to my rescue.

We made julskinka (Yule ham), janssons frestelse, köttbullar (meatballs), lax pudding. This year we were smart enough to make smaller portions. We didn’t have prinskorv this year because I didn’t really like it. We still ended up with loads of leftovers. I’m trying to eat them all before heading down to Germany.

kallrätter (cold dishes)

I commented on how I would’ve never guessed that I’d end up liking sill. Last year I ate it with caution, this year, I’m loving those slimy bits of herring with boiled potato.

julskinka (Yule ham)

sliced julskinka (Yule ham)

We bought an organic ham this year. The smallest available was nearly 3kg so we decided to cook it all at once, then store some of it in the freezer. Fredrik joked that we can have julskinka at midsommar.

I ate my ham with apple sauce and Fredrik scoffed me because that’s apparently not how one eats julskinka.

varmrätter (warm dishes)

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