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how to make a frankenstein pie

Tuesday. 12. 23. 2008.

I used about 4 medium sized potatoes for the mash. I should’ve used at least one more because there was barely enough mash to cover the whole dish. I chopped up the potatoes in small pieces and boiled it with some salted water. Mashed it with cream and butter. Salt and pepper to taste.

I defrosted 2 pieces of frozen pollack, about 500 grams, I’m assuming. I used Nigella’s method of poaching it in some milk with a couple of bay leaves and a few black pepper corns. When the fish is done, set them aside in a dish. Pour the milk through a strainer to get the milk skin bits, bay leaves and pepper corns. I set the milk aside while I prepped the veggies.

I followed Jamie’s method of grating carrots. I should’ve grated the celery also but I chopped them up in small pieces. I used 1 carrot and 2 stalks of celery. I took off the lower bit of celery because it can be a bit stringy. I sweated about half an onion, chopped into half slices, and half a solo garlic, chopped into small bits with some butter. I threw in a couple handfuls of chopped leek I had left over from the other night’s dinner. Threw in the grated carrot, chopped celery and a couple of chopped mushrooms. Cooked it till it’s softish. I used a pair of scissors to cut in some fresh thyme, fresh parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

Break up the pollack and smoked mackerel into a baking dish, mix in the veggies. Set aside to make sauce. I melted a chunk of butter in a pot and made a roux with some flour. Used the fishy milk to make it into a sauce. Make sure to stir often to get all the lumps out. Pour sauce over fish and veggie mix.

Preheat oven to 175°C. Smooth the mashed potatoes over the fish and veggie. Use a fork to make some peaks so that they’ll brown in the oven. I baked the pie in the oven for about 15 minutes. I switched the oven to broil to brown the mash in the last 5 minutes.

I froze the leftovers for later consumption. We’re making jul food and we have a 3kg ham. But we’ll only be eating half of it. We have plans to freeze about half of it if not more. This year we’re not making the ribs today. I have a rack of ribs in the freezer. I’ll make that when we’re back from Germany after Bloodshed in Bochum.

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