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frankenstein fish pie

Tuesday. 12. 23. 2008.

My fish pie turned out to be a Frankenstein of a fish pie. I started out with the intention of using Jamie’s recipe, then I checked out Nigella’s recipe because I wanted a creamy fish pie. Throw in a bit of my own improvising and you have my Frankenstein fish pie that turned out fabulous.

Both Jamie and Nigella used smoked haddock but since we’re in Sweden and frankly I have no idea what haddock is in Swedish, I used smoked mackerel, turned out just as yummy. Jamie used salmon in his pie. I’m not too keen on salmon, I have to be in the mood for it or if it’s raw as sushi or sashimi. Nigella used haddock. Once again, I have no idea what haddock is in Swedish. I could’ve looked it up but I had already bought the fish when I checked out her recipe.

I thought about using pangasius but for some reason the store didn’t have any. They had environmentally “friendly” cod but from what I’ve read, environmentally friendly or not, the species is pretty screwed up and I don’t want to add to the problem. (More reading: I settled for Greenland pollack. Turned out pretty good. But there were some bones. I picked out as many as I can find. There were still a couple left when we started eating.

I’ll post what I did as soon as I feel less stuffed. Probably some time tomorrow. Just to warn you, I have no measurements because I cook without measurements.

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