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another fascinating fact about me

Monday. 12. 22. 2008.

I get REALLY nervous about not returning someone’s call, sms, or email right away. Probably because I’ve lost a few connections with people because I left their message hanging around in my inbox for too long.

I noticed this when I was on my way to The Manor one day. Denise and I were exchanging sms while I was driving. Yeah, I know I really should NOT be sending sms while I’m driving but I can also use sms without looking at my phone. Anyways. She sent me this one sms that required a rather long reply. I started to write the message but realized it would be better if I just tell her. I was about 2 minutes from The Manor. When I put down my phone, I was overcome by this crazy sense of nervousness. I NEEDED to tell her right there and then what I was thinking about in response to her message. I ended up calling her. But like I said to Fredrik when I told him about the inccident, I would rather drive my car off the side of the Guardiner Expressway to tell her what I needed to say than to wait the few minutes it would take to get to The Manor. It was a really stupid message to top it all off. Something along the lines of “I’ll see you in a few minutes and we’ll go to No Frills together to get the milk.”

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