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Saturday. 12. 20. 2008.

Fredrik and I bought a DSLR. Initially he wanted to get one for me as a Christmas present but since I told him that I didn’t really want to exchange presents, he decided that he would get a DSLR for us. Even though I would be the main user. He says that he doesn’t have the patience to fiddle with it and learn how to use it properly.

I asked a few friends of mine for recommendations. Most recommended Canon and a couple recommended Nikon. We got a Nikon D60. Ultimately this camera is more for hobby picture taking. No plans here to be a professional photographer. Although I wouldn’t mind taking a course or two to learn how to make the most use out of the camera.

I’m hoping to get a basic grasp of taking some decent pictures by the time I go to Bloodshed over Bochum. Then maybe I’ll be able to get some good pictures of Fredrik and his fancy new kit. Sometimes it sucks that most photographers take pictures of Johan and not so much of Fredrik. Although he is kinda far back and behind a huge jungle gym of a kit. There’s usually a time limit on how long a photographer can stay in the photo pit.

It would’ve been nice to have this camera when I was in London because the stage there was very low. I tried really hard to take some good photos but the lighting was too red (made everyone look like they were on fire) and I had only my little point and shoot.

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