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Saturday. 12. 20. 2008.

I was telling my friend yesterday about the Carl Hamilton topic in my oral class. It involved 3 Muslim women who apparently refused to shake hands with the author and that sent him into a rage, saying things like, “Get out of my country if you’re not going to follow our traditions.”

My friend made a comment about how she gets slightly bothered when she sees women wearing hijabs. When I asked her why it bothered her, she told me that it had to do with the fact that she questions if these women really chose to wear the hijab or if it was just an idea that was beaten into their minds by their religion.

Are we any better though? Think about the kind of expectations are beaten into the minds of young women by the western culture. You have to be thin. You have to be hairless. You have to smell like flowers. You have to have big boobs and a firm butt. You have to wear make up (women wear make up to look natural). You have to have soft flawless skin. You have to wear clothing and shoes that cause you pain. Are all these demands any better than wearing a veil?

I think women need to consider their own oppressions before they start calling other people oppressive.

“But we choose to wear uncomfortable bras and choose to starve ourselves. They don’t choose to wear a veil.”

Do we make these choices for ourselves? Look into your underwear drawer and count the number of uncomfortable underthings that you wear because you want to look good for someone else. We all know you’d rather wear the cotton knickers that don’t give you wedgies every time you take a breath, and go braless.

How much choice do WE have?

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