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enslaved at debaser

Wednesday. 12. 17. 2008.

Fredrik and I went to see Ensalved at Debaser Slussen. Fredrik and I saw Katatonia there back in 2003.

We showed up around 8:30. We weren’t sure if we would miss Thyrfing but we showed up near the end of Krakow’s set. The last couple of songs were not too bad. Would’ve enjoyed it more if I was in a more relaxed surrounding and sitting down. That’s stoner metal for you. But it was pretty good.

We noticed that there were quite a few English speakers at the show.

I think I have 1 Thyrfing song in my iTunes library. Fredrik has heard them before and that was the band he wanted to see. It was pretty good. The place was pretty full during their set. We bought their latest album hels vite.

Actually, I have no Thyrfing songs.

Fredrik ordered the latest Enslaved album but it hasn’t been shipped yet. Their last album, Ruun, was pretty good. I liked it a lot. I started listening to them years ago, I have Frost and Vikingligr Veldi. I found that I need to have a certain setting and mood to listen to those two albums but I’m absolutely in love with the song “Frost”.

I’ve seen Enslaved twice in Toronto. Both times they were quite good. This time was no exception, although their keyboard parts can sound a bit 80’s. The intro made me feel like I was in Tron.

We left early because our parking meter was going to expire and Fredrik was still not feeling well. We were also both very hungry. But we did manage to see about 45minutes of Enslaved’s set.

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