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cat hair… the new vitamin

Monday. 12. 15. 2008.

I’ve tried to keep Ull off the kitchen counters but we gave up and he’s actually quite well behaved on the counters. If we’re cooking, he may find an empty patch of counter space and just sit there quietly watching. Every so often he may try to help out. We joke about how if he could talk, he’d say, “Mmm… meat. I LOVE meat. Let me taste that for you to make sure it tastes alright.”

Like all cat owners, we have found our share of cat hairs in… just about everything. Clean the drain under the bathtub and it’s mostly clogged by cat hair. Mind you, both Fredrik and I have long hair so it’s not just Ull. Milo’s hair is just not as noticable since he has short hair but every so often.

There was one time I was making dinner and I joked about how the food tastes better not because the secret ingredient is love. It’s cat hair. Mind you, I’m sure the cat hair was shedded with love.

But don’t you worry if you’re over here having dinner, I won’t serve you cat hair. If you do find a hair in your food, just think, “Better cat hair than some other hair.”

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