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tummy full of gas

Friday. 12. 12. 2008.

There’s an expression in Chinese that translates to a tummy full of gas/air. It means to get really angry/upset by someone.

In the past couple of weeks my stomach has been really bothering me. I’m constantly burping and I know that the source of my stomachaches comes from air trapped in my stomach. Question is… how did it get there?

It almost seems as if I’m swallowing air as I’m breathing. Today I noticed it happening. I’m not too sure if it’s because of my medication but it didn’t start till after I started taking it.

It’s actually leading me to think about going off my meds. I’m not too sure. Despite the fact that the meds are making me feel better, this stomach issue is making me feel miserable.

After looking up “burping” and “Effexor”, it would seem that it’s one of the rare less severe side effects. I should probably bring this up when I go see the doctor next month to get my prescription refilled.

I ordered these homeopathy pills that’s suppose to help keep my stomach fauna in check. I hope it works. If that doesn’t work and the doctor doesn’t have any solutions for it, I’m going to get off Effexor and hope for the best. I post on a bipolar forum and the people on the forum suggested that I try to get something to remedy the burping before I stop taking Effexor.

It’s a tough decision because I don’t really want to take medication for the rest of my life but I know that if I don’t take medication, the REALLY bad days will come back. This period in my life, I can’t afford to have REALLY bad days. I have to finish learning Swedish and get my butt working on getting into dental school. There are too many important things that need my attention.

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