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i couldn’t do it

Wednesday. 12. 10. 2008.

I couldn’t go on. I picked up the book (Beijing Doll) this morning thinking that I would read some more and I couldn’t go on. It’s just too much shit. I can’t deal with it. It makes my brain hurt.

It’s a book that reads a bit like a diary written by a teenager. That’s what the book is. It’s a memoir of the author from 14-17. The things she writes about are the guys she hooks up with or school and how much she dislikes it. I’m all for rebellious teenage years but this is retarded. She’s supposed to be a punk growing up in Beijing. I’m expecting more discrimination and parents’ objections. I’m expecting people on the streets looking down on her and teachers telling her that she’s wasting her life. Instead a shrink convinces her parents that she no longer needs to go to school? What kind of joke is this?

It’s supposed to be about her “sexual awakening”. NO! She writes about how she slept with guys. How is this a “sexual awakening”?? There’s no awakening. Chinese people have sex too, you know. It’s not just the teenagers of the US culture that are having sex at a young age. We’re not asexual.

The line on the back of the book that caught my interest was “Beijing Doll cuts a daring path through China’s rock-and-roll subculture”. It does NOT. I thought it might give me some insight into what it was like growing up in Beijing. Instead I get a spoiled brat that sleeps with older guys and gives me the impression that she looks down on people not from Beijing.

A reviewer posted this on Chapters:

“Chun Sue’s Beijin Doll was a delight to read. While classified as fiction, this is actually the true story of a rebel teenage girl growing up in Beijing. Through her laughs, and tears this book will keep you riveted until the last page. If nothing else, read this book to know how lucky you were to grow up in a country like Canada.”

“How lucky you were to grow up in a country like Canada.” What kind of crack is this person smoking?? How horrible is Chun Sue’s life?? Not horrible at all. There are plenty of people who grew up with worst lives in Canada.

If you want to read a good book about growing up and being a punk, go read Hairstyles of the Damned.

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