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joyous event

Sunday. 12. 7. 2008.

I’ve been looking into a sewing machine for the past couple of weeks. I’ve hunted in the classified ads and unfortunately other people keep buying the sewing machine I want. Well last Wednesday I bought a sewing machine on Tradera and picked it up on Thursday.

It’s a Bernina 708. It’s a real peach. “A real peach?” It’s from the 60’s. It comes in a case that looks like a suitcase and it does only straight stitch or zig zag. To be totally honest I don’t need a million fancy stitches because how often do I really use those fancy stitches?

I did some sewing last night and let me tell you, it’s nice. REAL nice. I sent Denise a sms that read, “Sewing is like crack and I’m mad for crack.”

I got this super cute mushroom fabric from Åhlens. I’d like to get more of it but it’s a bit pricy. I’m hoping to hit IKEA when Fredrik is home. They have some really cute prints at more affordable prices.

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