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can someone send me groceries?

Sunday. 12. 7. 2008.

I opened my fridge just now to realize that I need to do groceries. I ate the last egg yesterday and will have the last bit of milk with my tea sometime today. I think I shall have to venture out today.

I WAS supposed to go to a book swap yesterday. Meet some new people, get some new books, possibly have some fun. But right before I was supposed to leave, I had a sudden moment of “EEEEpp! Can’t leave!” I started giving myself all sorts of excuses about why I should stay home. So in the end I spent the day at home. I did get my history exam finished. So not all was lost.

I have my grammar exam tomorrow. 8:30am. I should probably study for that today. Most of the grammar rules I’ve got down, it’s just memorizing words and spelling that I need to get over with. It’s hard because I usually type my written assignments on the computer so I don’t really have to concentrate so much on how to spell. But I suppose it will come in time.

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