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Friday. 12. 5. 2008.

I discovered this magazine call Hyphen. It’s geared towards Asian-Americans. The articles I’ve read so far has been interesting and it’s even given me inspiration to write more based on my experiences as a Chinese-Canadian (see HKBC). Another thing that it has triggered is me questioning who I am. I’ve written my ideas down and it’s been interesting to really put some thought into it.

There’s this guy in my class who is of Dutch descendant but grew up all over the place, last calling Switzerland home and currently calling Sweden home. He says that one of the most annoying question he gets from people is where he is from. He usually answers with “everywhere”.

The other day I told him about how people here like to ask me about Chinese traditions and whatnot and how little I know about being Chinese. I am as Chinese as he is Dutch.

Today I started thinking about whether or not my lack of knowledge of the Chinese made me a bad person. Mind you, my mom knows very little about Chinese culture and traditions. Most of the time she directs me to my dad.

I’m hoping that I can get some of these thoughts down on paper. Possibly submit them to Hyphen. Not that I think they would publish it but it would be something I would enjoy doing. I do enjoy writing and I could get lucky.

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