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real chinese food

Tuesday. 11. 25. 2008.

Fredrik came home to hang out before he headed off to the ferry to go to Finland.

We went to Chopsticks, a Chinese restaurant in the city to have a late lunch. We’ve actually been there before but that was YEARS ago. It was the first time I was in Sweden. Not the entire menu is real Chinese food, there are some dishes that are more Swedish-Chinese food.

We ordered the “Steam cooked Dim Sum” which were 2 shrimp dumplings (har gau) and 2 shaomai (siu mai) to start. We shared the Szechuen spicy beef with garlic & chili, spareribs with orange flavoured sauce, and BBQ duck with noodle soup. Fredrik thought it would be too much food but it turned out to be just right. We were a bit stuffed when we left but this is Stockholm and not Toronto so the portions were smaller.

The dim sum was good. The szechuen spicy beef was not exactly what we expected, the spareribs were pretty good, so was the BBQ duck but the noodles were over cooked. But it was still nice to get some real Chinese food.

Fredrik had 2 beers and I a coke. The bill came out to around 600kr. It’s not exactly cheap but we also ordered more than what someone else may order.

While we were waiting for our food, we talked about the idea of going out for Chinese food with friends. After going through the friends we have, we decided that we’ll just save the idea of going out for loads of Chinese food for Toronto. Not saying that our friends are no good, but some are picky with food and others, we’re not sure if they’d be keen on eating the Chinese way.

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