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loose pants!

Saturday. 11. 15. 2008.

I bought a couple pairs of jeans back in August when I was in Canada. Jeans that actually fit my weird body. If it fits the hips, it doesn’t fit the waist, if it fits the waist, then they don’t go up the hips, if the hips and waist are not a problem then it’s the legs, can’t get it past my calves or they cut off my circulation or they’re what I call “knicker strippers”.

Shopping for pants at the end of my Canadian trip may not have been the wisest idea seeing as I probably fluffed up a bit. Now these jeans are quite loose. They’re falling off and my butt is rattling around in them. I’ve also not been interested in eating since I started Effexor. Too bad our scale is out of commission (batteries have died) because I’d like to know how much I weigh now. The last time I checked I’m down to around 128lb.

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