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can’t sleep, clown will eat me

Saturday. 11. 15. 2008.

Lately, I keep waking up at some absurd hours. Yesterday I couldn’t go back to sleep at 7:30. Ever since I started these meds, I periodically wake up in the middle of the night. Normally I can go back to sleep. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I should go back to sleep despite the fact that it’s 3am. Part of me thinks I’m rested.

I’m being swarmed with cats at the present moment. And Ull just left because of the overcrowded conditions on my lap. It’s just not big enough for 2 cats to hang out on.

I think this medication is also giving me stranger and more vivid and memorable dreams. I’ve always had an issue with my dreams. But now they’re even stranger and more vivid. Now I’m remembering most of them after I wake up. Not only are they strange but they’re borderline nightmares. At least I feel rather scared in the dreams. Not nightmares like zombies or ghosts but really frightening situations.

For example, last night’s dream involved the Triad of sorts. I was at his birthday celebration, he offered me a job and told me to leave before they start counting his birthday. Apparently there were “traitors” at the party so these people showed up with hammers and pieces of wood with nails in them. As they counted off the head guy’s age, the people with the weapons beat the other guests. I was leaving the celebration as it happened. It made me really scared.

Oh well.

Just about 2 more weeks until I see Fredrik again. Although only for 1 day. That’s ok, ’cause the tour ends at the end of the month. Although I don’t really know what we’d do when he is home. I still have school and he’s got band stuff he needs to do. Guess it’ll just be life as usual.

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