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i simply do not understand

Tuesday. 10. 21. 2008.

I just did some homework. I can’t say that I completely understand what I was doing but I somehow managed to get most of it correct. I just hope I eventually understand what I was doing. I hate it when I don’t understand.

Today’s been pretty easy going. I decided to take a nap with Ull. That was nice. Before Milo, he used to sleep in bed with me when Fredrik is away. Nowadays, he hasn’t done that so much because when we’re ready to sleep, Milo keeps crowding Ull and nuzzling him. Ull doesn’t like that so he runs away and sleeps somewhere else. Milo ends up sleeping in bed. I think sometimes Ull gets upset that he doesn’t get his mummy time. Sometimes he just wants to be left alone to dry nurse on my hand.

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