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getting there

Monday. 10. 20. 2008.

Today there’s been some serious improvements.

First of all, my appetite is back. For most girls and even som guys, lack of appetite might be a good thing. I thought so too in the beginning but as time went by, it made me feel really strange. I didn’t feel like myself. I LOVE food. Some people eat to live and others live to eat. I live to eat. To not want to eat is definitely not me. There’s still some discomfort after I eat but at least I’m not eating only 2 pieces of toast and a bowl of cereal in a day. Not to mention, I have been feeling super weak.

I’m feeling less muscle tension. It comes and it goes. I’m dealing with it better.

My mouth is still as dry as a desert. I started getting sick of sucking on pastilles.

The best thing about all this is the fact that my head is clear. I concentrate better and I can think properly. It’s almost like the medication has roped off the bobble heads that were causing ruckus in my head and allowing just the right amount to do the work that needs to be done.

I’m hoping that most of the side effects will be gone by the end of the week.

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