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hungry? not hungry?

Saturday. 10. 18. 2008.

Have you ever felt like you’ve had enough to eat while you’re in the middle of eating? It’s a strange feeling. You chew what’s in your mouth but the food doesn’t go down. Instead the tongue pushes the food forward and you keep chewing until the “food” is just a tasteless mass.

I normally eat 5 fish fingers for dinner/lunch. Today I ate about 2. The rest, I fed the meat to the cats.

This is all very strange to me. I love eating. I love food. Now I don’t even think about food. The pains in my stomach is just pain in my stomach.

I’m trying to relax today. I’ve permitted myself to take it easy and just try not to be too bothered by the side effects. It’s kind of hard. I normally have a hard time sitting still. I don’t like going to the movies for that reason. I have to sit still for the whole duration of a movie.

It’s quiet again. The blur is not around as much. It’s weird because when it’s here, I find it a nuisance and when it’s gone, I kind of miss it. Like leaving a large party.

Taking Effexor is also making my pupils dilated. My pupils are not super big like if I were on mushrooms but they’re slightly larger than normal. It’s weird to look at myself in the mirrow because my pupils look like holes in my eyes.

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