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Wednesday. 10. 8. 2008.

If you ever run into me at a stationary store, you will witness first hand at my inability to be extremely picky. It takes me about 10-20 minutes to pick out the right pen. I need one that is nice in the hand and writes smoothly. I have a hard time grabbing any ol’ pen and writing with it. I also have a tendency to lose/misplace my pens, so I usually buy in bulk.

About 2 weeks ago I picked up a Pilot VPen. It’s a disposable fountain pen. At first I thought the nib was too thick and I wasn’t too happy with waiting for the ink to dry. But the benefits outweigh these flaws. I’ve written pages worth with the fountain pen and felt nothing in my arms and hands. Unfortunately the pen ran out from my exessive writing so I’m back to regular ol’ rollerball pens. My arm and shoulder is throbbing from the writing I did this morning.

So the mission for the day is to get myself a fountain pen. I’ve set my sights on a proper refillable fountain pen. Here’s hoping I’ll find one because I’ve got lots to write about.

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