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Tuesday. 10. 7. 2008.

My mom’s friend is the healthiest eater I know. When I was back in Canada, we had a conversation about the foods to avoid. She told me to try to go gluten free and lactose free. It’s supposed to help me feel less tired and over all crappy. A similar effect is said to happen when you go vegan.

I thought I’d give it a try while Fredrik is off on tour. The Swedes are all about dairy and bread. Others have agreed that they have not eaten more bread and dairy products since coming to Sweden. Oddly, they sell their milk in 1 litre cartons. The largest amount you can get at the grocers is 1.5L. My mom speculates it to the fact that most people don’t own a car and to carry home 4 litres of milk with all your other groceries is just no fun when you’re trekking by foot.

The lactose bit is pretty easy to deal with because I’m already lactose intolerant. I usually get either soy milk or lactose free milk. My lactose consumption comes from things like ice cream and I already don’t have that too often.

The gluten free part is a bit harder. I’m going for a mostly gluten free diet. I obviously don’t need to be as strict as my friend Ryan who has coeliac. I got a loaf of gluten free bread but after farther inspection of the foods around the house, I realized that it’s harder than it appears. I love my pastas and noodles! Just LOVE it. I guess I could cut back on it and eat more rice.

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