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Tuesday. 10. 7. 2008.

The other day I saw 2 girls with no eyebrows. No this was not because they had some horrible illness that cause them to lose all their hair. These girls voluntarily shaved/waxed their eyebrows off to pencil in something that did not resemble eyebrows. Strange curved lines that makes them look constantly surprised.

What of my eyebrows? Well if it were not for the fact that a high school friend decided to pluck my eyebrows, I think I would’ve gone through living life with au naturel eyebrows. I pluck my eyebrows because I’ve done it for so long that it’s just weird to see a single hair grow out where there are no hairs around to keep it company.

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  1. edshepp permalink
    Saturday. 10. 11. 2008. 8.05 am

    I knew a girl who did that. It wouldn’t have bothered me except that they were always asymmetrical. And yet always drawn the same. They would keep distracting me, the way a lazy eye can. Thank goodness she grew at least some of her eyebrows in, and now has something to trace with her pencil.

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