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home and mopey

Tuesday. 09. 30. 2008.

You guessed it. Fredrik’s off on tour again. He left early this morning. I should not be so mopey but I am. I knew this would be happening but no matter how often I tell myself that this would happen, I’m under prepared. Not to mention the fact that this is NOT the first time he’s gone on tour while I’m here. I just hope I won’t go through this when tour #10 rolls around.

I’ve been trying to get some homework done but Ull keeps meowing at me. I have no idea what he wants me to do. It was much easier for me to play with him before Milo came around. Now when I try to lure Ull to play, Milo usually intercepts, leaving Ull staring at Milo with a bit of sorrow in his eyes. Ull’s such an easy going cat and really non confrontational. Sometimes I wish he would stand up to Milo but maybe he’s just being a good big brother and letting Milo eat his food and play with his toys.

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