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don’t let the bed bugs bite

Saturday. 09. 27. 2008.

This week appears to be indian summer. It’s been fairly mild and rather nice weather. Guess winter is coming soon. HA! Winter is always coming in Sweden. Same with Canada.

I think there might be some sort of bug that bites. I’ve got a couple of unexplained itchy bumps on my hands. Whatever it is, I hope it dies soon.

With winter, comes the joy of ezcema. God, I love my skin. I used to keep small containers of water next to or on top of the radiators but since we have the cats, I can no longer do that. Here’s hoping that my skin doesn’t get worse. I’ll stock up on the moisturizers and try not to claw too much at my dry itchy skin. I guess if it gets worse, we can get a humidifier. One more machine for the bedroom. We have a air purifier for Fredrik’s asthma.

I noticed that since I haven’t been posting, I also haven’t been posting any pictures of the cats. Here’s a bunch for those curious about the progression of Ull and Milo.

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  1. edshepp permalink
    Saturday. 10. 11. 2008. 8.02 am

    Your cats are cute. I sure hope you don’t have bed bugs.

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