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we should just be asexual

Thursday. 09. 25. 2008.

This is an advertisement for the new Sonic Syndicate album. You’d never know that at first glance. You’d think that it’s just another one of those ads for some sex hotline. No, it’s the bassist of Sonic Syndicate. If you look closely at the lower left corner, it says, “Sonic Syndicate”.

Women of metal, is this not the stereotype that we are trying to get away from? I’m sure there are those out there who aren’t completely repulsed by this and think that there should be more femal metalheads to flash their boobs at shows and wear shorter skirts.

Well I think it’s bullshit. A woman’s accomplishments in metal should be based on their ability and not how much flesh she chooses to show. That’s why women like Sabina Classen of Holy Moses, the ladies of Girl School and Doro Pesch are respected and known as the musicians they are and just as eye candy on stage.

It’s crap like this that makes me feel bad for all the work that’s been put towards the equality movement. There are never half nude, suggestive images of the men of metal. (Ok, so there are some seriously ugly men in metal and a half nude, suggestive image of them just turns one off living.)

All in all I think advertisements like this is just cheap. Targetting pubescent boys to rush out to buy an album because there’s some half naked girl playing bass on it.

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