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motivation is not my strength

Wednesday. 09. 3. 2008.

I enrolled in a yoga class while I was in Canada. I’ve never taken a yoga class before and since I had the time, I thought, “Why the hell not.” My previous experiences with yoga has been through DVDs and I thought that taking a class would be a good idea since there are many back bending poses that I would prefer not to do on my own.

I ended up going to classes 3 times/week and the studio was just a 5 minute bike ride from my parents’ place. The class was a bit of a beginner’s class so most of the poses were pretty easy. The overall experience was pretty good. It was nice to be doing yoga with people. I tried to get Fredrik to come to class with me but he’s a bit shy about things like that.

I thought about enrolling in a class here in Stockholm but there aren’t any studios near by. I guess I’ll go back to using my DVDs and occasionally having Ull join in. For a while he liked to wrestle with my arm/hand while I’m in downward dog. Although I think now with Milo to entertain him, he’ll leave me alone long enough to finish my sequence.

I also signed up for It’s a Canadian company that offers yoga classes/videos online. I found a promotion that was 2 months for the price of one. I just tried out their beginner’s yoga class (I haven’t done any yoga for over a week and am currently pretty stiff) and found it pretty good.

Most of the sequences in the DVDs I own last only 25-30 minutes including savasana. The beginner’s yoga class I just tried out was an hour long.

The plan is to try to do yoga at least 3 times a week. I’ve also brought over my exercise ball in hopes of doing some ball related exercise.

Here’s hoping that I’ll stick to the plan.  😀

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