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and then there were 2…

Monday. 09. 1. 2008.

After deliberation, we went for the second cat. We’re hoping that he’ll be a mate for Ull who we think needs a friend because we make horrible cats. Obviously this is all on speculation. We don’t really KNOW if Ull needs a friend but it’s worth a try.

This time we got a kitten from a rescue group because we didn’t want to bring in a cat that might be sick. Rescue groups and shelters provide the necessary vaccines and visits to the vet before handing the kittens over to potential owners.

Ull is not very happy about the kitten invading his space but today is better than yesterday. We’ve scowered the internet in search of information on how to introduce a new cat into the home. Some say separate them, others say that it’s not necessary to keep them separated. Like all things, everyone has an opinion and there’s always another opinion to counter.

Today I spent the day at home with the cats while Fredrik went off to rehearsal and the studio to do some work. I’ve been trying to coax Ull into being less angry with the kitten and showing him that I still love him. You can see it in his face when I pet the kitten or play with it. I just hope that Ull will like the kitten and the two can be friends. But that takes time, a point that everyone agrees on.

We didn’t decide on a name for the new kitten until this afternoon. I thought I wanted to name the kitten Loki but after some consideration, I decided against it. The character Loki in Norse mythology is not exactly very flattering and I didn’t want to jinx the cat. It’s like when people name their daughter Savannah or Destiny or Charity.

I thought about naming him Moo Shu but I didn’t want it to be a reference to Eddie Murphy’s animated character, Mushu, in Mulan. The other name is Milo. Fredrik agreed that it’s a rather fitting name for the little one. So now his name is Milo.

Ull and Milo.

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