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i can’t sleep

Thursday. 08. 28. 2008.

This is not a good thing. “Why?” you might ask.

Well, it’s nearly 3am and I have school tomorrow. I’m supposed to get up at 6:50 to get myself ready to take the 8:15 train into Västerås. I could take the later train but that would also mean I could be late. It’s better that I take the train that allows me to arrive an hour earlier.

Speaking of school. I managed to miss my first “class”. It’s not a real class, more like roll call. Show up, meet the students and teachers, get your schedule and book list and listen to whatever the teachers have to say about the new semester.

What happened this morning was by the complete fuddy duddy-ness of me. My mobile was set to Eastern Time and setting my alarm to 6am actually meant the alarm would go off at 12pm Central European Time. By the time I woke up and woke Fredrik up, it was too late to head to the school for the roll call. It takes us almost 1.5hrs to drive there.

Well, I guess I better try to sleep some. Although Fredrik and I are hungry. I guess we’ll have a bite to eat and then try to sleep for a bit. Mind you, we did sleep for over 12 hours last night. We went back to sleep after waking up and didn’t get up till 3 in the afternoon.

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