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big plans

Tuesday. 08. 5. 2008.

Big plans for big paintings.

I went over to Patrick’s place for a party/get together of sorts. There I saw a painting done by a friend of our friend, Rob. I’ve been wanting to paint something for a while but since I didn’t bring my painting supplies, the hopes of painting something remained an idea until today. I stopped by DeSerres (formerly Loomis and Toles), bought myself 2 LARGE canvases (a first) and some acrylic paints. Now I just need to go to the dollar store to get some brushes and I will start painting tomorrow.

It’s a bit scary because I’ve never done large paintings. The largest canvas I’ve painted on is 8×11. I’ve always had a thing against going big.

I’m planning on doing a “things that stare” for Patrick and a blue “bunni” for my mom.

Things That Stare 02 Bunni #1

I never realized how expensive large canvases are. The ones I got aren’t so expensive but they’re also not the thick gallery canvases. They didn’t have them in the sizes I wanted. I wanted long and kind of narrow. It would be nice to have the thick gallery canvas.

My mom have a few of my paintings around the house. I was looking at my “holy cheese” painting the other day and am now thinking about continuing with it. I’ll make it into a series. I’ve also dug up my box of pantone markers. I’m hoping to uncover more of my art supplies and bring that back to Sweden so I can do something creative while I’m not busy. I hunger for the creative doings.

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