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how time flies by

Saturday. 07. 19. 2008.

Just like that it’s almost time for me to head back to Canada for a visit. The last time I talked to my mom, she asked if I’m looking forward to the visit. It sounds a bit strange but I’m actually not looking that forward to leaving here. I want to see my family and I want to see my friends but it also means that I won’t see Ull for 5 weeks and Fredrik for 3 weeks. I told my mom that and she said that it doesn’t sound strange at all.

Luckily we’ve got some friends that will look after Ull while Fredrik is gone. But I still feel sad to be away from him. I told Fredrik that we would have to get Ull the same day we get back from Canada. I just hope Ull wouldn’t forget about us. I know that he misses us because he shows it when we’ve been out for a while. He always runs to the door when he hears noises that could be either me or Fredrik.

I think that if I were to go longer (i.e. if Fredrik were to be gone for the whole summer) I would probably bring Ull to Canada with me. The plane ride would be a bit stressful but so would staying with someone else for the whole summer.

In a lot of ways I’m looking forward to the visit. It’s also really nice to know that my friends are looking forward to me coming back. Plans are being set into motion and people are taking time off work.

I’m also looking forward to going to New York. I’ll be doing that with my cousins and grandparents. I’m hoping to get myself a new purse. My Emily Strange purse is seriously falling apart. The lining has been flaking off since I got it but now it’s just going crazy. The other day I ate toffee with bits of lining stuck to it. I know I could’ve just not eaten that piece of toffee but I wanted toffee and it’s only plastic.

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