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day in the city with the boy

Thursday. 07. 10. 2008.

Fredrik and I went into the city today in search of clothes and for some exploration.

Ever since I started working in the south side, I’ve been trying to discover more of the area. I realized a little while ago that I knew actually very little about the neighbourhoods of Toronto. I thought it would be time that I got to know the city I’m living in.

We started out near Mariatorget and walked our way towards the SoFo area. We had Vietnamese for lunch and I must say that it’s been too longs since I had Vietnamese last. I used to frequent Pho Hung when I worked in Kensington. Fredrik had this shrimp stir fried noodles and I had a cold vermicelli salad-y dish with spring rolls.

After wandering around for about an hour and a half after lunch, we gave up our search for clothes in the south side. But it was not in complete vain, I managed to find that second contrasting colour for the dress I’m knitting at Marias Garn.

We headed for the Hötorget area. We actually managed to find some clothes we both like. I got an awesome dress from Top Shop and Fredrik got a couple outfits from Esprit. We went home happy as clams.

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