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not completely mia

Sunday. 07. 6. 2008.

Yesterday I spent it doing next to nothing with Ull.

lazy Saturday afternoon

But after a while of doing nothing, I decided to do some productive things like oil the table we have on our balcony, a step stool (for me to fetch things) and one of the kitchen carts. The outdoor waterproof stuff was pretty strong smelling so it kept Ull at bay. In fact it’s so smelly that it still smells today. I hope it goes away soon.

I oiled the kitchen cart with caster oil because we put our fruits and some veggies on the kitchen cart. Unfortunately the caster oil does not deter Ull. In fact, he likes it. So while I had my back turned, it seems that he has licked enough of the cart to make himself throw up his dinner in the bathroom. I held off giving him more food to give his stomach some time to reset.

Today I’m going to make chicken pot pie. I’ve got a piece of puff pastry left over from my curry turnover adventure. I just have to head off to the shop to get some essential ingredients like bits of chicken and mushrooms.

Fredrik is coming home from Metal Camp today. He apparently went on stage at 1am last night and their flight out of Venice was around 10 something this morning. The drive from Metal Camp to Venice is about 6 hours. From his sms this morning, he’s only had about an hour and a half of sleep so he’s going to be super tired when he gets back. We’ll probably take it easy for the rest of the evening.

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