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lather, rinse and repeat

Wednesday. 07. 2. 2008.

I don’t really know why exactly you should repeat but I’ve been trying it lately and it seems to help the state of my hair.

2 more days left to work. I’m looking forward to having a bit of a vacation with Fredrik before he heads off to another festival. He suggested that we check out the Stockholm Archipelago (Stockholms skärgård). There was a feature on Sandhamn (a town on an island out in the archipelago) in the in flight magazine when we flew to Gothenburg.

I’ve never been to any of the islands in the archipelago and have only seen a few islands from the metal cruises I’ve been on. Many Swedes have summer homes/cottages (sommarstuga) on the islands.

We’ll see what we end up doing. I would like to rent a kayak and go kayaking. It doesn’t have to be somewhere fancy but just want to go kayaking. Apparently there are some places in Stockholm that has kayak rentals. But I suppose doing it in the archipelago is quite special.

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