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back from göteborg

Sunday. 06. 29. 2008.

This weekend was Metaltown in Gothenburg. My friend from uni stopped by the house to feed and hang out with Ull while I was gone. I went there on Friday by myself while Fredrik came Saturday morning. We stayed at a really nice hotel.

The bands on Friday were not all that eventful. Danko Jones played but I wasn’t there to see their set. When I got to the festival, I caught the end of Killswitch Engage’s set and stuck around long enough to just see a tiny bit of Hardcore Superstar.


I ended up heading back to the hotel because it was going to be a 2+ hour wait for Cavalera Conspiracy. I got a bit lost taking the trams back to the hotel. It wouldn’t have happened if I had only taken notice of what stop the hotel was at. I started feeling sick back at the hotel and ended up staying there for the rest of the night. I unfortunately did not see Cavalera Conspiracy.

Fredrik flew over from Helsinki on Saturday morning. He told me that he had a pretty good time at Tusk and met and hung out with some of the other bands that were performing at the festival. We had breakfast together at the hotel. The breakfast was a total zoo. It was an ok breakfast. I was disappointed by the eggs though.

Saturday’s bands that I wanted to watch included Dark Tranquility, Finntroll, Satyricon, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish and In Flames. I managed to catch almost everyone of them. I even got some knitting done. 🙂


We tried to watch In Flames from the crowd area, the back of the stage was off limits and filled with friends and family. It was just insanely packed.


After getting pushed around for a bit and being tired from the whole day, we just settled for hanging around in the backstage area.

We got home around 6 today to find ourselves with a very excited Ull. I missed him so much. I kept thinking about his cute little face. I’m going to have such a tough time in Canada. But he’ll be in good hands.

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