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sundays are for sleeping

Sunday. 06. 22. 2008.

Today we’re just taking it easy.

Fredrik was looking in our fridge earlier and he pointed out that the best thing about having a party is all the leftover food. We bought a bunch of cheese for after meal wine and cheese on Friday but we were all too full and tired to remember. So we’ll be having some wine and cheese today.

We made dumplings last night. The Japanese/Korean store by my work sells dumpling skins that doesn’t look like they’ve been in a freezer for years. I prefer using store bought skins because they’re thin and are easy to use. That was kind of the reason why we haven’t made dumplings in so long.

purchased dumpling skins

2 packets of skins is enough for 400g of meat. They didn’t have minced pork so we bought the blended mince instead. It’s a mix of ground beef and pork. Ground beef is a bit too dry for dumplings. Chinese people also tend to eat more pork than beef.

finished dumplings

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