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let there be light!

Saturday. 06. 21. 2008.

Yesterday’s midsummer party turned out quite good. My friends were almost an hour late but that’s ok. We all got a bit tipsy and ate till our bellies ached.

We started with a fest of sil (pickled herring), potatoes and akvavit. I got tipsy pretty quickly.

We took a break from the food by going out to the local park/football field to play kubb. It was girls vs. boys. Some of us took it a bit too seriously. I just got more tipsy sharing ciders with my friend.

Fredrik and I got ourselves a propane grill. I grilled chicken and veggie skewers, pork chops, salmon, zucchini, portabello mushrooms, shrimp balls and a rack of spare ribs. Everyone enjoyed the food, surprisingly the shrimp balls were finished off first. We finished it off with my blueberry and strawberry pie with vanilla whipped cream.

Today Fredrik and I are just taking it easy and cleaning up. We made dumplings for dinner and are now watching Death Proof.

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