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suddenly it’s midsummer

Friday. 06. 20. 2008.

This week I went to Skansen with the older children at the daycare. It was fun but very exhausting. It’s easy to forget that they’re only 3-5 years old until lunchtime comes and they’re all asking you when they get to eat or when they start nodding off on the bus ride back. I will come to miss them when I’m not longer working at the daycare.
Just like that it’s midsommarafton. This year we’re having people over for the first time. We got a propane grill, lots of fresh potatoes, loads of sil (pickled herring), and loads more akvavit. We have 3 couples coming over (the most we’ve ever had in our flat) and hopefully it’ll be great fun. One of the couples are from France and this will be their first midsommar.

I celebrated my first midsommar 2 years ago and we went to a friend of Fredrik’s to celebrate. Like most festive days, the tradition is to eat loads of good food and have fun with those you like. I’m always up for anything that involves food.

Something very exciting, sad and gruesome happened yesterday. While I was eating breakfast, I heard some commotion from the balcony. What had happened was that Ull caught one of the birds that were feeding on our balcony. We have one of those bird seed balls hanging on the cage of our balcony. The birds come and it makes Ull happy to see them. He just managed to nab one of them yesterday.

The saddest thing about it, aside from the bird dying, was when he kind of poked it with his paw hoping that the bird would move. The confusing and sadness in his face. He didn’t kill the bird on purpose. He only wanted to play with it and unfortunately he doesn’t realize that grabbing it with his strong jaws and big teeth = death for little birds.

We’ve decided to get Ull a playmate when we come back from Canada. We think that he’d appreciates the company.

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