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mmm peanut butter…

Monday. 06. 16. 2008.

On Saturday I got some organic peanut butter from the health food store. I have to say that there’s a HUGE difference in taste when it comes to organic versus your typical Skippy brand peanut butter. The organic peanut butter is much yummier. That with some dröttningsylt (raspberry & blueberry jam) on a slice of toasted sunflower and flax seed bread. DELICIOUS!

I’ve also noticed that ever since I started working at the day car, I haven’t eaten more fruit. I’ve never been really a fan of fruit. My mom had to force me to eat fruit. There are some fruits that I like but even when they’re in season, I don’t really eat it regularly. I binge for a bit but after a while I tend to not eat it so much.

When I was a kid, I also had the tendency to eat what the other kids were eating. I was an only child until I was 11. When my cousins came to my house and started eating the candy and chocolate my parents had in the house, that’s when I’d partake. Otherwise I wouldn’t really eat it even though we had it.

So following that behaviour, when the kids eat their apples and banana, I follow suit. I must admit that it’s a great thing. Maybe I should ask Fredrik to eat fruit when he’s around me so I would eat some fruit also.

Although right now when I think of apples, I keep thinking of that organic apple Karamjit and I got
from STREET. It was so sweet and crisp. I wish the grocery stores wouldn’t have their organic fruits wrapped in plastic.

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