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driving really brings the worst out of me

Sunday. 06. 15. 2008.

So I drove Karamjit to the Skavsta airport which is about 1 1/2hr away. The drive there was pretty pleasant. I don’t usually drive towards the city. Most of my driving has been done towards the airport or towards the studio that This Ending is recording at. I was a LITTLE nervous going through the Bromma roundabout (rated Sweden’s most dangerous) but it was pretty smooth for most of the way.

On the way back there was traffic but that didn’t bother me too much.

A couple of roundabouts before home, I nearly got rear ended by a mini van who decided it was a good idea to tailgate in a roundabout. It was one of those roundabouts with traffic lights, it turned red right when I got to the end of the roundabout so I had to stop or run over the cyclists that were crossing the road. The mini van came to a pretty quick stop but he was DAMN close to finding out what the interior of my car looks like.

Not only did he do that but after the roundabout, he started tailgating me! I hate drivers who tailgate!!

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