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Tuesday. 06. 3. 2008.

About a month ago, Fredrik and I went out for dinner with Xixi, her boyfriend and her mother. We went to Dragon House in Hornstull. The place is around the corner from the subway station, if you’re driving, it can be a little tricky to see it from the main road because it’s tucked away on a side street that you can’t really get to from the main road. But I recommend going there at least once.

There are 2 menus at Dragon House. One with dishes that are geared towards the typical Swedish style Chinese food. Things like fyra små rätter (4 small dishes) and biff/kyckling med bambuskott (beef/chicken with bamboo). Then there’s the traditional Chinese menu. I can’t even describe what they have. You’ll have to see the menu for yourself, which they have on their website.

The food was really good. I must say that it’s close to the food in Toronto.

The other week Fredrik and I went to Dragon House again and this time we tried their buffet. The food was pretty good too. Unlike some of the Asian buffets out there, they had big shrimps and a good refreshing of the food. Like almost all of the Asian buffets in Sweden, it’s not only Chinese food but Thai food also. The only downside of that evening was when we ordered coffee, it took forever to come.

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