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Monday. 06. 2. 2008.

organic ketchupFredrik and I were at the grocery store yesterday picking up groceries for dinner. When we grocery shop, we try our best to buy organic but there are times when we choose local over organic. I read a great article in Time magazine about choosing between organic and local. There’s been debate everywhere about what is better. There are certain things like coffee and chocolate that I insist on buying fairtrade. We feel that sometimes it makes no sense to buy something organic from Argentina instead of the same thing from Sweden. The amount of oil required to transport the item from Argentina is just as bad as whatever pesticide they might’ve used in Sweden. Not to mention the fact that Sweden has pretty strict regulations on what farmers can use and how much they can use.

organic eggs

I was looking around the house yesterday and saw that we had quite a number of organic products. Even things like ketchup and cider comes in organic. The really nice thing about Sweden is that the organic products are shelved together with the regular products. Back in Canada, there was an organic aisle and people give you the most peculiar looks when you’re wandering in the aisle.

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