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ahhh… summer…

Sunday. 06. 1. 2008.

I rarely used the public transit when I lived in Canada because for most of my life I lived in suburbia and I could always get a ride from my mom or I drove. Most people drive in the suburban communities in North America. The public transit system is also not very good in Toronto and Mississauga when you compare it to other cities.

Now in Stockholm, I use the public transit pretty often. Although when Fredrik is home, we usually take the car. One of the things I don’t like about taking public transit are the people. Summer is especially worse because there are lots of people who don’t seem to understand proper personal hygiene. Either they don’t shower often enough or they think that perfumes are a suitable substitute for a proper cleansing.

Personally I don’t use any perfume. Most perfumes sting the nostrils. I also have very sensitive skin so who knows what kind of rash I would be getting. Sometime ago I learned about the crystal deodorant (alum) and have been use it for over a year. It works pretty good. Although the application takes a little time because you have to wet the crystal, put it on yourself and then let it dry. But it beats the heavy scents that are normally found with deodorants and antiperspirants (which has parabens).

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