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speaking swedish. apparently i can.

Saturday. 05. 31. 2008.

I had the oral exam on Thursday for the Swedish course I was taking. The German girl in my class told me today that the marks for the oral exam were up online. Apparently I got VG (Very Good).  🙂

I’m very proud of myself even though I don’t think I did that spectacularly.

Today I took another exam. I thought it would be the 400 word “essay” but apparently they changed it even though that was on the schedule that they gave us just the week before. I can’t really say that I was prepared for anything but I did show up not expecting to do the grammar exam. Surprisingly I didn’t think it was that hard. It kind of came naturally. With the exception of how certain irregular verbs (i.e. ligga, lägga, sitta, sätta) are conjugated, I think I did fairly ok.

My next exam will be next Saturday and it will be the so called “essay”. We get to use a Swedish dictionary, which I borrowed from the library. I hope that will turn out ok too. I can’t wait till I’m finally done all the necessary components of this program so I can move on to prepping for dental school.

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