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last chance to rest before the new week

Sunday. 05. 18. 2008.

Today we’re going to take it easy. Not as easy as yesterday but I’m also not as sick.

Last night Fredrik’s asthma acted up as did my coughing. We quickly changed the sheets and vacuumed the area around our bed.

Last week has been so chaotic with me working and getting sick, I haven’t had a chance to vacuum the flat Although the bag in our vacuum cleaner is getting rather full. I would go get another package of vacuum cleaner bags except that the last time I tried to get some new bags, they didn’t have any. We have a mystery brand of vacuum cleaner. Not to mention the fact that we’ve been looking into getting a new vacuum. Well the wait is over. Fredrik just ordered a fancy, FANCY new vacuum cleaner that should be here in 3-5 days.

We got an Electrolux ZO6354. It has this super fancy automatic sensing head for carpets and hardwood floors. I tried it out at the store and let me tell you, it’s the first time that I found vacuuming exciting. I can’t wait till it arrives and I use it for the first time. Watch out mini Ulls lurking under our couch!

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