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it’s just not easy being a girl

Sunday. 05. 18. 2008.

I owned a pair of platform flip flop that I bought when I was 15/16. They finally broke earlier this year. There were no more threads left on the soles but they were super comfy and perfect to wear when I just need to head out to the shops. The only problem was that every so often I’d take a wrong step and that would kind of wrench my ankle. I’ve only taken a couple of tumbles from this but I’m sure it wasn’t very nice for my ankles.

So I’ve got a task before summer arrives. I need to find another pair of sandals. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find a pair of sandals. I’ve gone to so many stores in the past few weeks. Not only was I looking for a new pair of sandals, I was also looking for something to wear at the day-care. I ended up with nothing.

At one point in time I owned a pair of really nice looking sandals. They were platforms with these delicate raffia braids for straps. I remember them quite vividly because I had to convince my parents to buy them for me because they were pretty pricey. Now that I think about it, $40 for a pair of sandals isn’t THAT pricey. I think I convinced them to get them for me as a 16th birthday present. They were Rocket Dog, I remember that quite well because I liked the name of the company and their logo. They kind of disappeared which is a bit sad.

I’ve looked at what Rocket Dog offers now and unfortunately they have nothing I really want. Maybe if I look on Ebay there will be a pair of sandals for me. I doubt I’d find a pair like the ones I described above but it’s worth a try. There are a pair of Rocket Dog shoes that look quite nice.

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